Thursday, January 1, 2015

Be A Failure

In my (almost) 29 short years of life, I've quickly learned how much pressure and disappointment I can put on myself by creating new year resolutions. A resolution is so daunting/intimidating/looming. Instead, I have intentions.

(It's funny how changing one word can make such a difference.)

I don't just create intentions at the new year, this is something I like to think about year round. But still, there is something renewing about the idea of a fresh start with a new number; 2015.

I've been holding myself back. Big time.

In the past, I've been such a perfectionist, that I'd rather not do something at all than to do it, and have it be "sub-standard." This has been incredibly limiting for me, because that only leaves the things I'm super-duper good at! Granted, I think I'm a very talented individual, and that I happen to be good at a lot of things. But how will I grow, become more well-rounded, or discover new interests if I only do what I know I won't fail at?

Failure is scary. Not many people enjoy the feeling of screwing up on something.

Here's the kicker: It is especially painful if you attach your sense of worth to the success of an endeavor. If your value is based solely on how well you do something, a mistake can seem catastrophic.

Here's my truth:

Regardless of if I fail or succeed, I have value. My value doesn't change with the quality of my work our output. Failure or mistakes don't mean I'm less of a person. To try, knowing there's a significant chance for failure, is brave and admirable.

So this is my intention for 2015:

 I intend to step out of my comfort zone a little each day. If something inspires or intrigues me, may I take action to pursue this inspiration, with bravery and zeal. I intend to make friends with failure. I plan on spending a lot more time with my new friend this year.

How do you feel about failure? Is it this daunting, negative concept you avoid at all costs? What would happen if you let yourself fail? Remember, your worth is not dependent on the outcome. You have worth no matter what. I truly believe that you have something beautiful and meaningful to contribute to the world, even if you don't know what that is yet. It is inside of you, and each of us. Maybe we just need to let our new friend Failure lead us to the truth.

P.S.Do you like my inspirational hipster art at the top of the post? My "Hipspiration" if you will. :D

♥ Emily

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