Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sunday, I woke up and had a strong desire to go antiquing. I'll do a post about some of the cute things I found. I threw together a cute but comfy outfit that I thought was perfect for browsing through trinkets from the past.

I've been obsessed with lavender lips lately, but haven't found the perfect color to buy. So in this case, I mixed my own. I love how it turned out!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Past Outfit

I took some pics of an outfit a while back, and now I'm finally posting them!

I absolutely love this skirt. I got it a couple of years ago when I was working at Anthropologie. One of the girls there described my style as "Alpine Princess". I like that, and I think this look really captures that image. Enjoy!

Skirt and blouse from Anthropologie, Tights by Hue, booties and peacoat by Forever 21, and vintage umbrella.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Sweets

I've always loved baking, but I've wanted to get into candy-making for some time. I went to a cute little cake and candy shop, and bought a couple of molds, and some melting chocolate. Today, I made these!

These are peanut butter cups on chocolate saucers.

 There are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate/vanilla (the red ones) flavored cups.
They're covered in silver disco dust, an edible glitter, and pink sanding sugar.
There are all sorts of recipes for the creamy peanut butter filling online. I definitely think they are way more scrumptious than the store-bought peanut butter cups.

All and all, I thought it was a huge success! What sort of crafts are you doing for Valentine's?


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