Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Beginnings Part 3

So, as the final installment of my "New Beginnings" series, I will tell you how my audition for the Seattle Opera went! Well, the mind map worked absolute wonders. By having sent my intention out into the world, it truly had it's effect on the actual outcome. Traffic was fine, I found parking easily, and arrived on time. when I got there, a practice room opened up. In the past, I would basically drill the music over and over, until I basically exhausted my voice. I warmed up just enough to get centered, and then sat in the waiting area.

I was incredibly aware of how I had the tendency to compare myself to the other women auditioning. The other women were also giving me glares, sizing me up, judging me. I closed my eyes, stayed centered, and reminded myself that I was connected to all of these women through music.

When it was my turn, I walked in, feeling genuinely excited to be able to sing for someone. The judges (for lack of a better term) could sense my excitement and energy, and the mood was lighter than any audition I've done.

I took a deep breath, and sang. I was fully present in the moment, expressing the words and the melodies like I never had before. I felt like I was on a different plane of existence.

Afterwards, one of the judges told me that my performance of Non so piu, cosa son cosa faccio was one of the most expressive and accurate interpretations she had seen. They also told me that they thought I had a lot of talent, though I was a bit rusty technique-wise. We discussed why I hadn't been singing for the last few years, and they asked if I had a voice instructor in the area. When I said no, they suggested a mezzo in the area who teaches at Cornish. They told me they really enjoyed the audition and they wanted me to come back!

The best part was that I had a wonderful, positive experience. I've learned that mental preparation is just as if not more important than technical preparation.

Throughout all of this, I've still remained undecided about singing professionally, but I know that no matter what I decide, it will be enjoyable!


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