Sunday, May 23, 2010

Incredibly Refreshing Summer Drink

My husband and I are having a "tropical" themed night in commemoration of the Lost finale (Boo!). He came up with the idea to make a beverage with watermelon. Having previouslybeen a bartender for three years, I decided to mix up a delicious concoction. I present to you....the Pomermelon Splash!

Pomermelon Splash
Ingredients (Yields 2 beverages)
♥8 cubes frozen watermelon
♥2.5 oz Smirnoff Pomegranate Vodka
♥Splash of lime juice
♥A few ice cubes

Throw them all in the blender, and blend, blend, blend! After the ice cubes and watermelon get ground up, the drink starts to get really frothy, and almost carbonated (see picture below). This would be a great drink to whip up for a summer BBQ, or just for your own night in.

PS, don't drink and drive, and this is of course for peeps 21 and older!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Personal Makeup Palette

I love going to Sephora and getting a makeup consultation. They give you these cool makeup charts with the names of all of the products written on it, and the makeup actually applied to the chart as an example. Sometimes, it's hard for me to come up with new makeup looks, so I decided to make my own personalized makeup chart. It was really fun! I just drew a simple outline of my face while looking at a picture of myself. Then I scanned it into the computer and cleaned it up on Photoshop. Here it is:

Pretty fun, huh? Now I can actually do "rough drafts" of looks or ideas, without having to wash it off of my face. Also, this will be a great way to save some of my favorite looks. I think that I'll have a binder with some of my favorites.

If you aren't artistically inclined, there are plenty of great templates online for you to use. Here are a few that I've found:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quick-Fix for Chipping Nail Polish

So I got this adorable pink Essie nail polish the other day. I've been wearing it for about a week, and now the edges are starting to chip. Instead of repainting them, (ugh), I decided to find an easier and lazier solution.

Behold, a new artsy twist on the french manicure!

I just grabbed some purple nail polish and painted it on the ends of my nails. I used short, choppy, uneven strokes to give it a jagged, multidimensional edge. Any girls out there who have a hard time painting a straight line on your nails? This is the look for you. Besides, we're in a stage where it's popular to wear your underwear over your clothes. I think the world is ready for this look.
There are a couple important keys to this look, or else it'll just look like a bad attempt at a rigid french manicure.
First, make sure you chose a color that isn't too similar to the one you already have on. Contrast is a very important key in this look. In fact, I believe the more contrast, the better.

Secondly, you want to make sure that each stroke is a different length. You want to have clear, distinct brush strokes, or else it will just look like a sloppy blob.

Well, there you have it! A quick, easy way to update your chipping nail polish. Just watch, I'll bet this look will catch on when people realize how much time it saves, and how awesome it looks!
Oh, and these are my nail polishes:

The pink is  "Cast Away" by Essie
The purple is "Dream On" by Sinful Colors Professionals
I love nail polish color names, don't you? Who gets that job?

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