Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Fashion!

I'm always so excited about fall fashion. Spring/Summer is fun, but I'm all about layering and being cozy, so I'm super stoked! In light of this, I'd like to blog about some of my must-haves or "wish list" for this fall. I'll do a different item every day until the first day of October!
For me, this fall is all about basics. Classics! I don't want to keep spending tons of money on super trendy things. I'm sure you've all heard the phrase, "Women wear about 20% of their closet 80% of the time". It's so true! I've gone through my closet and weeded out what I never wear. I'd love to be like a classic Parisian, with a few gorgeous and well-made pieces that all work together. Still, the economy isn't that great, and we all need to watch our spending. So, I'll always have a Budget-Friendly alternative in each category. Today's item is:
Grey Boots
Why grey? Well, you can never go wrong with a neutral, and the best part? It looks great with both black and brown! With fall/winter boots, I think it's important to focus on comfort as well as style. You don't want to be teetering around on the ice in terror, do you? Here are some that strike my fancy.

These booties would look adorable with so many things! Leggings and a slouchy sweater, under a maxi dress, or with tights and a flouncy skirt! They'd also flow into spring perfectly. I'm in love!
Eeeee! These riding boots by Nine West are so classic and perfect! I can't believe they're under 100 bucks! Under bootlegs, over skinnies or leggings, with a skirt, with a cute dress, these are awesome!
Nine West, you've done it again. I love fashion that looks more sophisticated and complicated than it is. Notice the awesome laces that go all the way up the boot. Wouldn't that be a pain? Well, it's a good thing they come with a handy zip on the inside of the boot! These are so quirky, yet classic and elegant. They would make any outfit seem pulled together, and would be so comfortable to boot.(No pun intended).
As I realize there are very few of us who are swimming in cash, here is another adorable style of grey boot that wont break the bank. These boots may not be leather or suede, but they are freakin' cute, and would be comfy with the thick heel and rounded toe. How can you beat 27 dollars for a pair of adorable winter boots?

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  1. I've been looking at boots as well. I'll have to show you the ones I love!

  2. oooh winter boots. one of my fashion loves. I totally agree with you about spending money on quality clothing rather than the trendy crap, I can't even imagine how much money I've spent on a trendy item that was poorly made, didn't last, and went out of style quickly. I think I'd be horrified to see that amount. Hmmm...A fashion reform is in order. Now if you were only here to make a Seattle shopping trip with me. xoxo

  3. haha oops that was me, Natalie...

  4. Love it! I've been looking for some more boots to add to my collection... I've got a great pair of Banana Republic riding boots ( Although they look REALLY awkward in the product photo!)...

    But I really want a pair of gray ones! Thanks for posting this!

    Mary Katherine

  5. Question: What sort of outfits would you wear with the $27 boots....?


  6. Mary Katherine,

    I would wear those boots with straight leg pants tucked in, a mini skirt and tights would be adorable, or leggings and a tunic.



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