Friday, August 6, 2010

The Time is Prime

So, I figure it's time to have my say about primers, both for eyeshadow and foundation.

I don't know about all of you ladies, but when I was first introduced to the magical world of makeup, the word "primer" was not in my vocabulary. In fact, I never even knew the product existed until I was 23, and about to get married. This was on my very first visit to Sephora, and I was ready to drop a whole bunch of money to get my "wedding day look". My fabulous consultant introducted me to an eyeshadow primer, and it just blew my mind.

A product that simultaneously makes shadow brighter, last longer, and prevents creasing? Low and behold, it worked! Since then, I've been hooked. In the months following, I've tested a lot of other primers to see if any of them worked as wonderfully as my current product. Here are the products I've used; The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY!

*Disclaimer: These reviews are based on how the products work on MY skin. My skin is combination, with a tendency to get oily throughout the day. In order to be sure of how these products work on your skin, I recommend you test them at your local Sephora.

Eyeshadow Primers

I believe that every self-respecting artiste should have an eyeshadow primer in her makeup collection. The difference is phenominal, and can make even the cheapest shadows look vibrant and superb.

Urban Decay Primer Potion  $18 for .34 oz

This incredible product is the very first primer I've ever had the pleasure to use. It has been one of the #1 sellers for several years, and if you try it, you'll see why!


-Blends in smoothly
-Only a little product is necessary each use
-Shadow applies smoothly, and is buildable with each application
-Colors are more vibrant
-No creasing, and it lasts the whole day!
-Especially great for oily lids


-Dries out over time (With each time you pump the applicator, your are pumping air into the tube
-The bottle is small, and the product is difficult to get out, especially after time

Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer  $16 for .05 oz

If you haven't tried any of Bare Escentuals products, I highly recommend you do. Their shadows are to die for, as well as their Buxom lip glosses. This primer is also excellent.

-Made without oil, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, or phthalates
-Tube is less wasteful than Urban's Primer Potion, every last bit will be used with the clicking applicator
-Formulated especially for use of loose eyeshadow powders (but works great with everything in my experience)
-Fights oil throughout the day to prevent color from sliding around the eyelids
-Sheer tint doesn't affect the colors of your eyeshadow


-Even though the tube is efficient, there is a lot less product! It's only .05oz, so that is something to consider when making your choice
-You have to be careful when twisting the applicator, to many clicks and you have too much product on your hands, and it will go to waste

Hmm, what to say about this stuff. I absolutely love LORAC's eyeshadows, so when I got a generous sample of this primer with my purchase, I was excited. When I used it, I was beyond dissappointed. What boggles my mind is that all of the reviews on Sephora are five star raves about how amazing it is! Clearly my eyelids are different, or else these people have never tried another primer.


-Once this stuff grabs on to your shadow, it's not letting go!
-You definitely get a lot more product for your money
-Tube is very efficient


-Once I applied it, it was blotchy and uneven. It felt like glue on my lids!
-Shadow wouldn't blend over the primer. It was patchy and stuck in place

Foundation Primers

This is an area that I'm still pretty skeptical about. When I use liquid foundation, I set it with powder and it stays all day. When I use powder foundation, it takes care of itself, and blends smoothly over my skin. I believe if you properly exfoliate and moisturize, and use high quality foundations, you won't need a primer. Regardless, I've tried a couple, and have a few things to say.

This product has been around for a few years, and has had all sorts of positive reviews. I got a hefty sample of it in an online order, and at the time was very confused about its purpose. Honestly, it sits in my makeup case getting shoved aside as I dig for something else, but maybe it's your new dream product.


-Feels incredible and silky as you apply it on the skin
-Only a small amount of product is needed
-Blends seamlessly into the face
-Made with silicone, antioxidants and vitamins


-I've heard a few negative things about products with silicone, but I have no idea why. If anyone does know, please comment!
-I have yet to see any difference when using this product as opposed to foundation without.

I was very impressed when a drugstore brand tried their hand at face primers. I had to try it, because it was a great deal!


-Obviously the price is a great pro, you can't beat $12.95!
-Only a very small amount is needed
-Goes on very smoothly, creamy
-Oil free, fragrance free, non-comedigenic, non-acnegenic


-I'm a little squeamish about the container. I'm not a big fan of a pot that you have to dip your fingers in again and again, but I guess if you are really anal you can use a brush or applicator of some sort


Eyeshadow Primers: You must have at least one of these in your makeup bag. I recommend you get out there and try one. You'll never go back!

Face/Foundation Primers: Frankly, I'm indifferent about these. I definitely feel a little more "done up" when I use one, but I don't notice a difference either way. Perhaps they work better for more mature ladies with wrinkles. If so, please tell me!


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