Friday, March 16, 2012

Macarons, Cupcakes, and Kitty

So, after sampling my first macaron on Pike's St., I was hooked. So, I went to Metropolitan Market and bought a few. I bought five, but tragically, one broke on the way home, so I had to put it out of it's misery. ;)

  Now, these are beautiful, but they weren't nearly as scrumptious as the one I got from Le Panier. I have heard they are extremely difficult to make. These were just a touch gummy. Regardless...

I some how managed to choke them down. :)

Last weekend, I was invited to a "Cupcake and Champagne" party. How could I pass that up? So, I made some cupcakes for the event. I decided to go classic, with vanilla cupcakes, and buttercream frosting. This vanilla cupcake recipe is from Glorious Treats. So, Glory tested all sorts of recipes for vanilla cupcakes, until she found the perfect one. They didn't overflow, and they rose perfectly.

I also used her American Buttercream recipe. Buttercream frosting is pretty basic. It's usually powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, and a touch of cream or milk. But somehow, hers turned out better than any I've made in the past! It was a nice thick consistency, which was perfect for piping.

I decided to make little roses, which was done by starting the piping in the middle and moving outward. Very simple! I used some silver disco dust (edible glitter) on top, but the camera had a hard time capturing that.
 The party was super fun. Lots of champagne, lots of cupcakes, and great company!

And lastly, kitty. Whenever cardboard and Emily mix, it's a dangerous combination. I basically love cardboard. When I was younger, my dad would get those giant Gateway computer boxes, and I would make the most epic forts out of them, with compartments, doors, and a sun roof.

So when I had a few pieces from some curtains I bought, I was giddy. I made a little house for Layla. In my experience, if you make or buy something for a cat, they never touch it. But I walked in the living room just now, and look what I found?

Layla in her kitty cottage! I can't tell you how happy that makes me! Ah, it's the small things. :)

Have a great weekend!


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  1. The cupcakes look delicious! So glad you enjoyed the recipes. Thanks for the links =)


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