Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Solid Foundation

One of the things I've always admired about Europeans is their fashion sense. They tend to buy fewer items than Americans, of better and more timeless quality. I am definitely guilty of finding the most outrageous, trendy, colorful, and cheap items. I've always said I wanted to buy better quality and less quantity, but my actions speak otherwise.

The result? I end up with pieces that are very hard to mix-and-match, and a very nonversatile wardrobe. I'm finally starting to get to the point where I'm ready to invest in some timeless, well-made pieces.

So, I visited the much-revered and even more feared site, Net-a-porter, to dream about what could be. I wanted to find beautiful and timeless standards that would be a good foundation for my wardrobe. Here's what I came up with:

These beauties are the example of a classic, well-constructed pump. They're the perfect height to be comfortable all day, and can transition from work to out on the town.

As I've done work to better love and appreciate myself and my body as it is, I've decided that a fuller-coverage swimsuit would make me feel more comfortable than the string bikinis of my past. I love this vintage bombshell style, in a classic emerald color.

Everyone needs a basic white button-up, and even better is one that is stretchy and comfy. I've always strayed away from the button-up because it's "boring", but there have been so many times when I've been getting dressed and wished I had one. Sometimes the more simple pieces can help create a striking and unique look. A white button-up can be a backdrop for a statement necklace or complete a look with a bold skirt.

I believe a simple, dark blue pair of bootcut jeans are universally flattering, and can be worn casually, or dressed up. The mid-rise are so comfy and prevent the "coin slot" syndrome, which I doubt is comfortable for anyone. Styles such as acid wash and whiskering come and go, but the dark clean blue will always be classic.

This was a toughie for me. I have a weakness for dresses, and they tend to be very unique. I've always wanted to have a LBD (Little Black Dress), but when it came down to it, I would buy something very trendy that wasn't easily layered. This beautiful well-tailored black dress could be worn in countless ways. It instantly makes me think of a sophisticated French woman sipping her espresso at a cafe. A dress like this could last a lifetime.

I've been in a habit of buying $10 frames at the drugstore, squashing them, then replacing them with $10 frames. I believe if I had a pair of quality sunglasses, they woudn't end up under my rump as I sat in the car. I would probably have a beautiful hard case for them, and would delicately clean the lenses before and after each use. Cat eye glasses always remind me of beauties like Audrey Hepburn or Bridgitte Bardot.

A blazer is extremely versatile, looking equally beautiful over a suit, with jeans, leggings, or over a dress. It's something you can throw on to instantly look more sophisticated and put-together.

Flats are absolutely timeless and are sweet, sweet relief to a fashionista's tired feet. These metallic flats are perfect, because they are dressy enough for work or a drink, but can also look stylish with jeans.

I think I'll start saving up and tackle these items one by one! I can't wait to have a timeless, classy wardrobe, just like a classy French woman at a sidewalk cafe!


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